Thursday, May 03, 2007

Debating Season

Other than the last 5 minutes of tonight's GOP show, I have managed to miss both the dreary Democratic debate in SC and the cringe-inducing Republican stand-off in CA. I've had much more useful things to do, such as scrubbing the mildew out of my shower. But I really wish I could have seen this showdown. The French can be exasperating, I suppose, but they are never, ever boring.


Unknown said...

I agree with you - better to watch the paint dry, or even to watch the Mavericks in playoffs. I was very into the political scene, getting ulcers when one party advanced, losing sleep when the other party didn't. That has all gone away since I became Orthodox. At first I thought it was that I moved toward the center, but now it seems more that I've moved out of the realm altogether. I forget the passage - "trust not in princes nor the sons of men, in whom there is no salvation".

By the way, I really enjoy your blog.

Terry (John) said...

Thanks, George. I still take a lively interest in political developments, but now more as an outsider, putting little to no trust in either (any) of them. As you say--a different realm.

You mention the Mavericks......Dallas area? Tyler area, here.