Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blooming in the Desert


I recently learned of an new Orthodox podcast & blog--Blooming in the Desert, which I have also linked in Of Interest.

From their Introduction:

Blooming in the Desert is an Orthodox Podcast & Blog out of Las Vegas, Nevada, under the blessings of his Grace Bishop Benjamin, Bishop of San Francisco and the West, and Fr. John Dresko of St. Paul’s Orthodox Church.

Blooming in the Desert is a new and unique Podcast & Blog, that does not just explore the Orthodox Church, Her Faith, and a journey to be closer to God through love and prayer, but creates an open atmosphere of conversation and discussion for Orthodox Christians and general inquirers. We hope you that you enjoy our website and please come back and visit and comment.

By all means, check them out.

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Sophocles said...

Sorry, posted my comment in the wrong post.


Thanks for listening and for the link.