Thursday, October 08, 2009

That is what I am saying

Recognizing Kosovo was madness, and Georgia paid the price for it. Trashing international law and ignoring state sovereignty when it suited us paved the way for other major powers to do the same to their weaker neighbors. The aggressive and confrontational foreign policy of at least the last ten years, including both Clinton and Bush administrations, brought about this state of affairs, and it will probably take decades to undo the damage that “humanitarian” and “well-intentioned” hawks have done to the international order.

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Milton T. Burton said...

I am in complete agreement. And I am sick to the core of these crackpots on the right who excuse any act on the part of this country because... Well, just because. Maybe because as Clint Eastwood said in "Gauntlet," "We have the love of Jesus in our sweet blue eyes." The problem is that we don't.