Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On Afghanistan

I have avoided taking a dogmatic stance on Afghanistan. But as one who is opposed to war in general, and particularly opposed to involving ourselves in places where we have no business, my sentiments are not hard to ascertain.

Michael Hoh's resignation from the State Department has received considerable attention in recent days. His resignation letter contained in the news story, here, is well worth a read.

I also recommend the open letter of William R. Polk to President Obama, here. This is a man who knows a thing or two about the region.

The same can be said for Thomas Friedman, who weighs-in today with his observations.

It seems to me that one thing unites Hoh, Polk and Friedman. All three address the issue from the standpoint of realism, rather than ideology.

And finally, we should ask why our soldiers are dying to uphold a society where far too much of this sort of thing continues.


Mimi said...

I really liked Friedman's article. But, I usually like him anyway.

Off to read the other two, thanks.

Milton T. Burton said...

The ultimate foreign policy realist was, of course, George F. Kennan. It was his strategy that really won the Cold War. He was opposed to the Iraqi venture and opposed to the Afghan invasion beyond a surgical attempt to get Bin Laden. Anyone who does not know about this man should Google him.