Monday, December 05, 2005

Transatlantic Llamas

Last night I finally got around to watching the 2004 so-called blockbuster, Troy. I recall at the time that the reviews were pretty flat. I suspect that the main draw for the movie has been the sight of a buffed-up Brad Pitt strutting around in various stages of undress. Yes, it was a big, overblown spectacle, but I have a weakness for big overblown spectacles. So I guess you can say that it was a guilty pleasure. And there is the added consolation of Peter O'Toole, who is always excellent.

Now I expected liberties to be taken with the story line, and I certainly wasn't disappointed in this respect. So I am not complaining about that. But I was incredulous at one scene. When the Greek fleet approaches the harbor of Troy, pandemonium breaks out inside the city. The inhabitants are rushing around and jostling with one another and the horses and the donkeys and the llamas. That's right.... llamas. The last time I checked--and I'm pretty sure about this one--llamas are, and have always been native to the Andean regions of South America. You wouldn't really expect to see a llama on the eastern Aegean, anymore than you would an elephant in the Mississippi delta. Did anyone else notice this? Anyway, I thought it hilarious.


Anonymous said...

Yes...I too watched this movie for the first time over the weekend. I too was distracted, but for an entirely different reason. All I could think about while watching Brad strut around in his muscles and his dress was..."YOU CHEATED ON JENNIFER YOU FOOL!"

Don't exactly know what that says about me, but I do know that I enjoyed the overblown fight scenes!


Steve Robinson said...

And do you know why he cheated? Because he could....mere mortal men like us would never get the opportunity... :)

fdj said...

LOL...I didn't notice, what a blunder.