Thursday, November 10, 2005

First Post

I just hope my subsequent posts won’t be as hard to pull together as this very first one!

Frankly, I begin the blog with some trepidation. Do we really need another blog on the internet? Probably not. Can the world continue to muddle through without being subjected to my pontifications about this, that or the other? Most assuredly. And yet, here I go anyway.

I have always been a person of definite opinions, interested in a wide array of things, who enjoys good dialogue. As one who has kept journals and common-place books for years, I view this as just an extension of that practice. I will try hard to keep the blog directed away from my occasional rants, narcissistic ramblings and pet peeves, and focused on writings, ideas and events that I find significant. And while I enjoy a good discussion, I am not especially interested in hard-nosed debates or polemics.

I am aiming for a good mix of topics: theology, current events, history, travel and literature (sports and music aficianados will probably need to look elsewhere). In time, I hope to address the twists and turns of my particular journey of faith, which seems equal parts learning and unlearning.

1 comment:

Steve Robinson said...

welcome to the blogosphere! I already like your selection of quotes! Can you imagine how many cities you could power if you could transform the narcissism of blogs into energy? :)40x