Thursday, January 31, 2008

Some Recommendations

I am going through something of a dry spell, blogwise, these days. Perhaps it has to do with being busier than usual. I am teaching two night classes this semester, in addition to my regular job. Also, as the political race tightens, I will have less and less to say in that regard, for fear of giving my hand away--something I do not intend to do. But I am enjoying the conversations at several new Orthodox blogs. Chances are, you may have already visited them.


Oh Taste and See--back again, in great form, after a blogging sabbatical.


The Path, an evangelical contemplating Orthodoxy, with an interesting perspective.

Pious Fabrications--excellent blog by a young soldier and Catechumen in the Orthodox Church.

Midnight Disciple--a recent convert to Orthodoxy, thoughtful and insightful.



JFred said...

Thanks for the plug, but the pleasure is mine as reading is my passion and I love your blog!

As I see you are an Eastern European traveler, I must share some of my favorite titles. I've visited Ukraine and Russia on adoption journeys and have become a Russophile of sorts.

- "Peter The Great" and "Nicholas and Alexandra" by Robert Massie are both superb.

- "Among the Russians" by Colin Thubron is probably the best travel book I've ever read. All of his books about Russia and the Caucauses get rave reviews.

- "A World Undone" by G.J. Meyer is a brand new one volume history of WWI that lives up to all the glowing reviews.

I look forward to hanging out here to see what you're reading and where you're traveling next.

Don't overlook Ukraine. People are much friendlier than in Russia and the food is excellent!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the interesting blog links: and for letting me know David is posting again!

John said...

Thanks for the book recommendations. I have read the Massie books, of course. And yes, I definitely want to go to Ukraine (particularly Kiev), and have seriously planned to visit Romania and Ukraine. But, I have bumped those plans back a bit, as I am planning now for Syria and some other areas in the Middle East that might become off-limits in the future.

Nicodemus said...

John - many thanks for the unsolicited plug! I am glad you have enjoyed my blogs. You are right, blogging can be a time-consuming process. It has been my goal to blog more and comment more this year. And, I have been reading your posts as well, but about the time I get ready to make a comment, somebody interrupts me (how rude - even as I was writing this, someone interrupted me). So, thanks again for your kind words.

JFred said...

I must put in a plug for Odessa too! The downtown area rivals Paris in its beauty and fine cuisine, and you can walk every day (except Monday) to Vespers at the stunning Church of the Transfiguration. See here:

I met a German man who travels to Odessa every year and he says he prefers Odessa to the French Riviera!