Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2008 Georgian Monastery Tour Update

My friend John Graham informs me that the 2008 Georgian Monastery Tour has a new website, here. Though I am not returning to Georgia this year, the thought of doing so is never far from my consciousness.

I consider John and Luarsab Togonidze to be experts on all things Georgian--its rich history, the wine, the incredible topography, the wine, the ancient but vibrant Orthodox churches and monasteries, the wine, the haunting Georgian polyphony, the wine, its supras and cuisine. And did I mention the wine? Touring this magnificent little country with these guys will be a life-changing experience.

Tours are limited to 15, unless of course, you do as I did last year and continually badger John until he agrees to make an extra spot for you. I do not expect the remaining openings to be available for long. Check out the site, and enjoy the photography and travelogues. And if you are contemplating travel a little off the beaten trail this year, by all means, contact John Graham about the tour. You will not regret doing so.


John Ananda said...

Thanks for the plug John, I'll raise a toast for you after I finish with these courses! And yes, I'm nostalgic for Georgia and especially Sighnaghi too. It's going to be a great tour this year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for to send an e-mail: if they are happy to have an Aussie join them.

John said...

Ian--of course Aussies are welcome. In fact, they are expected. Last year, I would say that Patrick and Pamela from Perth were everyone's favorite traveling companions. The makeup was 11 Americans, 2 Romanians, 1 Bulgarian and 2 Australians.