Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thoughts from the parallel universe


Some thoughts from the parallel universe, here.

(I know, I know...I'm trying hard to just let it go.)


Milton T. Burton said...

Rove and crew and the rest of the die-hard Bushites are like a 12th century nun I once read about. There were at the time she lived one hundred and eleven churches in Europe that claimed to have one of the "true nails of the crucifixion," and she devoutly believed that each and every one of them was authentic.

Steve Hayes said...

I feel much safer now that George W. Bush is no longer in office.

Saddam Hussein had ceased to be a threat in 1991.

John said...

There is no mystery what is going on here--the Bush crowd is engaging in a little legacy-building, trying to set the narrative, so to speak, as they exit the scene. Their script contends that Bush was decisive and principled, making those hard decisions that "kept us safe." Realists might suggest, however, that he was stubborn and pig-headed, making ill-informed decisions that left the world a much more dangerous place. If you hold to the second view, it is difficult to let the former pass without comment.