Friday, January 16, 2009

Events of the Day

I tend to become entirely too wrapped-up in the events of the day. And I have much to hold my interest these days, what with the carnage in Gaza, the economy tanking, Bush winding-down and Obama gearing-up. Last week, I even wrote a letter to the editor of the local newspaper--a danger sign if there ever was one.

So, I am resolving to step back a bit from this obsession (passion--let's call it what it is) and direct my attention to those things that really matter. But before I do, I pass along these links to the following stories of interest:

Pat Buchanan on "An Unreflective Man." (Who could this possibly be?)

Daniel Larison takes on Tom Friedman on Gaza.

Larison again on what it means when we say "the West."

Rick Spencer on Israeli options in Gaza in "A Damned Foolish Thing."

Insightful discussion on the Middle East on "Morning Joe," featuring, among others, Queen Noor of Jordan.

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