Monday, April 28, 2008

Iconographer Vladimir Grigorenko

The Dallas Morning News ran an interesting story yesterday on the work of iconographer Vladimir Grigorenko at St. Seraphim Cathedral, here. His 8-year project is nearing completion. While the story itself is well done, by all means watch the video. It is fascinating.


Andrea Elizabeth said...

Awesome! Thanks for the link.

Ian said...

Wow indeed. Thanks.

Zacharias said...

After reading the article in full, all I can say is 'wow.'

It seems to me that the writer of the article is doing the exact same thing he blames the Russians for: being xenophobic.

Political correctness is going to destroy this country (USA). If the Protestants don't wish to be termed as sects and hereticals, then maybe they should stop teaching heretical things! The fact still remains that they have deviated from the dogmas and traditions of the early Church, and the history is readily available if one desired to seek it out.

I agree with you that protestantism offers Russia nothing besides confusion and theological laziness.

May God watch over Russia as well as the United States!