Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Spiritual Psalter from the works of our Holy Father Ephraim the Syrian


Christ the Resurrector will appear in the heights with glory. He will bring the dead to life and raise those in the graves. The children of Adam, who was made of earth, will all arise together and give praise to the Resurrector of the dead.

Let not your hearts be sad, ye mortals. The Lord's day shall come and He will awaken and gladden us who have reposed. Those who have kept the law shall be roused before the Lord, and the angels shall rejoice in the day of resurrection.

Let not your souls be sorrowful, ye who were redeemed by the cross and called into the kingdom. The Lord's day shall come; He will give voice to the deceased and the dead will arise and give Him praise.

let us glorify and worship Jesus, the Word of God, Who, according to His love, came to save us by His cross and is coming again the resurrect Adam's children in the great day when His majesty shall shine forth.

Grieve not, ye mortals, over your corruption. Christ the King shall shine forth from on high; He who is omnipotent shall beckon and thus raise the dead from their graves, and clothe them with glory in His kingdom.

If death has reigned and laid waste to our nature because Adam sinned and violated the commandment, then shall we not be justified and saved all the more by the sufferings of Christ Who has vanquished death and vindicated our nature?

Our Lord has granted the deceased hope and consolation, for He Himself rose from the grave, vanquished death, promised resurrection and life, and bestowed great blessings on Adam and all his children.

Praise and glory to the Father Who created us, to the Son Who saved us by His cross, and to the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, to the all-praised and incomprehensible Trinity Who raises the dead and clothes their bodies with glory.


All the deceased will arise at the sound of the trumpet and sing praise to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Resurrector of their bodies.

O Father who created Adam from dust, O Son Who by Thy cross delivered Adam's race from ruin, resurrect me and set me at Thy right hand, that I might glorify Thy name!

Thee do I worship, O Christ our Savior. Thou art the resurrector and savior of all the departed who were baptized in Thy name and confessed Thy cross and Thy death.

Blessed is Christ who promised life and resurrection to Adam's children in the day of His coming. We too shall arise and exalt Him along with the saints who have been pleasing to Him.

Praise to Thee! By Thy resurrection didst Thou grant all the mortal race the hope of life and resurrection. And we offer Thee praise, for Thou art the resurrector of all flesh.

Ye mortals, exalt and praise Him Who by His death emptied the dominion of death and promised all the mortal race life and resurrection.

May the soul that has sought refuge in Thy cross and inherited eternal incorruptible treasure praise and exalt Thee together with the spirits that number her among Thy ranks.

Meet it is to worship the Father Who sent us His only-begotten Son, Who saved our race from death and Satan, and sits at the right hand of His Father entreating His compassion on behalf of all of us.



Brid said...

Thank you very much for all the time and effort involved in making these wonderful texts available. Most helpful spiritual reading for the Great Lent,

Greetings from Ireland,


Mimi said...

I very much agree with Brid, this has been a very profitable for my soul endeavor. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Glory to God and thanks to St. Ephraim and your effort in posting us his spiritual treasure. What a delight it is to read these Psalms.

As I was reading through them I found what I think could be typing errors? Or are they just verses I could not understand? Forgive me if I have made a mistake.

God bless.

Psalm 17
iniquities are great and might

Psalm 24
this might serpent

Psalm 34
give my hear contrition

Psalm 56
those who are their than I
But is is I who

Psalm 66
By the gave of my eyes did he

Psalm 72
that he might life up his voice

Psalm 77
A man who heart is clouded by a storm of thoughts

Psalm 78
Make my sores sores no long,er and instead cover them with virtues

Psalm 115
I am every entangled in defiled thoughts

Psalm 116
who rejoiced over me in the my day of sorrow

Psalm 124
all the difficulties wroth by His creatures

He gather up and carries the world

Psalm 137
world is already weighted and measure--

Anonymous said...

Psalm 132
how shalt thou gazed upon the impartial Judge

Anonymous said...

Psalm 90
and refuse us no Thy compassion

Psalm 93
the Lord not to cast me not outer darkness.

Psalm 99
Only form those who live in piety

Psalm 100
Judge. And abyss of torment awaits thee

Psalm 103
sins, an renew thyself with
which thou hast enslave thyself.

Psalm 128
If Thou art repelled by my defiles thoughts