Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Smorgasboard (IV)

Whenever the wolf at my financial door shows the slightest hint of backing away, my thoughts are not "What can I save?" or "What can I pay-off?" or "What can I repair around the house?" but rather, Where can I go?  Travel articles such as this one--about hiking in the Albanian Alps--really whet my appetite.


elizabeth said...

I always love hearing about your travels... Showed your blog to my husband, as I knew that he would really like it and sure enough, I was correct. I continue to be glad that you write here.

John said...

Elizabeth, you always have the kindest and most encouraging things to say. Thank you for that.

In recent months I have been traveling back and forth to a jobsite in Louisiana two days every week. I have taken a number of pictures and have contemplated writing a "travel post" on the idosyncracies of deep East Texas and southwestern Louisiana. I still may do so, given enough time.

Beyond that, I may very well return to the Republic of Georgia in June, so that should provide much fodder for the blog.

pontus' palate said...

Ron Paul looks so much nicer that way.