Monday, July 16, 2012

On Loathsomeness

"Loathsome" was a particularly favored adjective used by the late, great Milton Burton.  In his East Texas drawl, no one could make better use of the word than he.  So naturally, he came to mind when I read this article--The Loathsome Romney Candidacy:  How Did We Get Here? (and a h/t  to Rd. John for linking this.) 

Here's an excerpt that sticks with me:

Most decisive is what I’ve been calling the theological fusion of social and economic conservatism. Too many evangelical Christians seem incapable of even questioning Mammon. Now they enthusiastically welcome the money changers into the temple. Like the Calvinists of old, they glorify market outcomes as a sign of divine favor. And the cliche “class warfare” has served as a handy tool to shut down any deviation from this new orthodoxy.

Yep.  Loathsome is the word.

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Kirk said...

I agree wholeheartedly with the last sentence of that article--"The prospect of a second Obama term doesn’t excite me. Nevertheless, my overriding hope is to see Mitt Romney spat out of the body politic, once and for all."

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