Friday, January 07, 2011

Why I Like Jason Peters

You can actually hear the federal coffers expanding with all that increased revenue from the tax-cut extensions. Everywhere you look altruistic rich people (but I repeat myself!) are floating their wealth, creating scads of well-paying domestic jobs, and making it possible for moms to stay at home to promote such family values as greed, which leads to wealth, which begets charity.

There's no better way to start off the new year than with a healthy dose of sarcasm. Read more, here, from Jason Peters at Front Porch Republic.


Milton T. Burton said...

Good stuff.

Bill M said...

Ouch. Perhaps a bit sour for my taste, but then, it is the sharpened knife that cuts deepest. Or something like that.

I did really get a kick out of his earlier "How to Write Like a College Male" (which he linked to in this one).

Are they actually trying to create topsoil in a laboratory? I'd not heard that one before.

Satire is tricky, and I think Peters gets it right more often than not (at least, as much as I've seen of him). But sarcasm is a bitter fruit - at least for me - and too much a diet of that is not healthy.

Even as I give a cynical chuckle, I reach for the Tums... :)