Sunday, March 21, 2010

Checking in with Mustafa

From time to time, I have promoted the blog of a young Turkish writer, Mustafa Akyol. I continue to do so. In his March 9, 2010 post, Akyol address the Armenian Genocide. While most readers of this blog would take great exception to his conclusions, Akyol does articulate, as well as any, the basic Turkish line on the issue. In fact, you might even say, that in Turkey, his position passes for moderate enlightenment. But his defense is thin indeed, and will not stand much scrutiny. The one comment posted illustrates why such a position is ultimately unconvincing, ahistorical, and satisfactory to no one outside of Anatolia. In his March 12, 2010 post, Akyol tackles the question of gay marriage (yes, in Turkey.) Having no desire to get into that issue, I merely find this a good insight into modern Turkey. The debate is being played out within the AKP, the "Islamist" party in power. And it seems to me that Akyol raises the right questions, not only for Turkey, but for other nations as well.

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