Thursday, January 14, 2010


Lord have mercy. Horrific is the only word to describe conditions in Haiti after their massive earthquake.

Fr. Jonathan Tobias has good thoughts in "What Orthodox Christians do about the Earthquake in Port au Prince," here. His advice? Pray for mercy, repeatedly, profligately. Give. Repeatedly. Profligately. Do not try to figure out how your gifts will make a difference. Now is not a good time to be an accountant.

One easy way to contribute is texting 90999 on your phone, then typing in the word, Haiti. This will automatically donate $10 to the Red Cross effort there.

The International Orthodox Christian Charities site is here.

Mercy Ships, an organization based in my area, has a long track record of providing real emergency assistance and humanitarian aid. Their site, here.

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Kontiki said...

That is very useful post indeed, although I am so far in Egypt but I really think of how to help these people: S, I will try the 90999 from my cell phone now wish that my credit is enough to cover it, also think of the global warming issue I guess what we face from earthquakes, heavy rains in parts of the world other parts have HOT winter with no rains at all, changes in weather is all due to that we don’t respect the earth we don’t love it we destroy it and now its her turn to make us pay for our evil deeds. The world as we used to know it will not remain for long: s