Sunday, May 10, 2009

Better Go While You Can

Today's New York Times Travel Section carries a good article on Tbilisi., here.

Unfortunately, they are touting the city as the next big destination; not exactly Paris or Prague, but on a par with St. Petersburg or Moscow.
So, visit while there is still time, before this diamond in the rough gets all dressed up with tourist infrastructure and high-rise hotels.


Dave Wiechmann said...

I was one of "those" that lived in Prague and St. Petersburg for two years each, during the 90s. Those languages were tough enough! Can't imagine Georgian, for crying out loud! But hey, if it gets wandering American hippies searching to assuage their western angst to take a close look at the Orthodox Church (albeit Oriental), all the better, I say!

Ian said...

He he: love your comment Dave.

I am counting myself lucky I'm set for a quick visit next month!

s-p said...

Sigh. I have to settle for visiting places that pay for me to come and do construction work for them for now. Last kid graduates in 2011.

Jim H. said...

I've wanted to visit Georgia since seeing the French produced movie called "Since Otar Left."

Have you seen it? I thought it was very powerful.

John said...

S-P, I understand your predicament this year myself. Although my son is through school and all, my business has really suffered with the economic downturn. So, it looks like I will not be crossing any oceans any time soon.

Jim, I have not heard of the movie..sounds interesting.

Gabriel Celibataire said...

It looks really beautiful:)) In my country in a mass build so many high-rise hotels and nobody mark these old places, if somebody restore it the tourism is gonna work it out :)