Sunday, November 23, 2008

What it Means to Lead

It is not often that the Orthodox Church makes the Sunday op-ed page of a major newspaper (and that is a good thing, actually.) But in today's Dallas Morning News, editorial columnist and Orthodox Christian Rod Dreher comments on the recent election of Bishop Jonah Paffhausen as Metropolitan of the Orthodox Church in America. Dreher commends Met. Jonah and quotes from his remarkable Tuesday night speech at the All-American Council. He then applies Met. Jonah's admonitions to the current crisis within American society as a whole.

Dreher writes:

Moreover, leaders must understand that they and their institutions serve a mission more important than anyone in it. Mistrustful followers must know that holding tight to cynicism is an abdication of their responsibility to care for the common cause. At every level, only active love – that is, selfless stewardship – can restore what has been broken.

The column, found here, is well worth reading.

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