Wednesday, November 07, 2007

So You Want to go to Georgia?

Have you ever thought about visiting the Republic of Georgia? If not, why not? I can guarantee that it will be the trip of a lifetime, in which you will come home a changed person. John Graham has organized the Monastery tour for 2008. Five of the fifteen slots have already filled. So, contact John, here, and tell him I sent you.


Mimi said...

Are you going?

And, what do you think of the news coming out of Georgia re: the crackdown?

John said...

I'm not planning on returning this year, as I have been there the last 2 years. I do plan to return in 2009, however.

I have been reading of the crackdown and the political demonstrations. I'm concerned, and not exactly sure where I come down on it. I hate to see the police crackdowns, but I am not sure I would be comfortable with the opposition either, funded as it is by Georgia's richest citizen. The country has a history of being ruled by strongmen, and I believe that is what is playing out now between 2 rivals. Democracy, as we understand it, is a new concept in that part of the world. Georgians can be a little argumentative among themselves, anyway. If I was planning to go there, I wouldn't let the in-house political disturbances deter me. It shouldn't interfere with tourism in the least.

Mimi said...

I appreciate your words on the issue, as I've not seen an indepth analysis (and I trust yours more anyway, actually ;) ). Thank you. What I found interesting was that apparently the demostrations were waning before the crackdown.

I am indeed hopeful that you are able to travel there in 2009!

Will Barrett said...

Do you think you could post a chronological link to all the Georgia stories?

John said...

Will, I will work on that. The Georgia-related stories are starting to stack up a bit.