Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Of Interest" Clean Up

There is a definite reason I categorize the links on the sidebar as "Of Interest." They don't fit neatly into any particular category, but for the most part are simply interesting sites to visit that usually have something significant to say. Certainly, there are scads of Orthodox links--but even these cover a broad spectrum (from official church links to JN1034). And then there is a Anglo-Catholic link, a Lutheran link, a lefty-Episcopal link (that's you, Jared!) and so on. Among these sites and the political/current affairs sites, you can find political endorsements ranging from Mike Gravel to Fred Thompson, and most everyone in between.

It seems that some bloggers have lives outside their blogs, however, and wisely choose to shut them down after a time. This has been the case with many of my favorite sites. I kept the links listed, hoping that they would reconsider. But in the interest of housekeeping, I will drop the links to the following, until I learn of their return:

Forty Days
Hispania Sancta
Oh Taste and See

I started to drop the link to Mustafa Akyol's White Path, after his posting about the Armenian Genocide. But, he has redeemed himself in subsequent articles, and I realize that if I refuse to communicate with those with whom I differ, then my course of action is no better than, say, our current foreign policy. So, he stays (for now).

I have added the following sites, however. They are all excellent.

A Conservative Blog for Peace
English Christianity
Scyldings in the Mead-Hall
The American Conservative


Jared Cramer said...

of all the lefty episcopalian blogs out there, i'm honored that i get to be the one on your blogroll!!

by the way, i went to leave a comment on your earlier post about the churches of christ, saw the extensive comments left by others and decided i didn't have anything spectacular to share. i just really liked it, that's all. :-)

John said...

Jared, That's because yours is the best!

The Scylding said...

Thanks - I'm honoured.

David Bryan said...

I'm back.