Friday, August 24, 2007

Evangelicals and Orthodoxy

A recent article in The New Republic is of interest: Evangelicals Turn Toward...The Orthodox Church? In the Land of the Megachurch, this hardly qualifies as a major trend, but the movement is significant enough to attract notice. Read it here.

While it's unlikely that the Orthodox Church--which, according to the best estimate, has only 1.2 million American members--will ever pose any sort of existential threat to evangelical Christianity in the United States, it is significant nonetheless that a growing number of Southern Baptists and Presbyterians and Assemblies of God members have left the evangelical fold, turning to a religion that is not only not American, but not even Western. Their flight signals a growing dissatisfaction among some evangelicals with the state of their churches and their complicated relationship with the modern world.

Also check out Rod Dreher's comments on the story, here.

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