Thursday, November 17, 2005



JR said...

WOW! How theologically deep this strip seriously...this is quite revealing.

Just take the card collecting aspect out and replace it with your everyday church/discipleship issue ___(You_Fill_In_The_Blank)____ and then come to grips with the realization that people (maybe most) don't see, feel, or even care about the same things and in the same way... AH!!!!!

Don't they know that if I do or don't like meat they also should like or not like my choice cut of meat. I mean, isn't this what christianity is all about??? Isn't its purpose as well as the churches purpose all about uniformity???

HA! Keep the comics comin'!

John said...

You nailed it, jr.

By the way, Calvin (the little boy, not John) is one of my favorite theologians!